A short introduction

Our concept in just three sentences:


  • Children at the Free Democratic School Kapriole learn when, where, what, how and with whom they wish.
  • They enjoy the freedom to do as they please, within the bounds of respecting others.
  • All issues concerning the everyday running of the school are discussed and decided upon at the weekly “School Assembly” attended by pupils and teachers alike on the basis of one person one vote.


Kapriole is one of about 100 independent alternative schools in Germany and has been state-approved since 1997.

With roughly 150 pupils, it is one of the largest schools affiliated to BFAS (German Federal Association of Independent Alternative Schools).


Over and above the Kapriole’s active work with BFAS, we also help to expand the European Democratic Education Community (EUDEC).



Our focus is not on curriculums but, rather, the centre of our attention is people.

Self-determined learning, together with personal responsibility and democratic structures, form the basis of our approach which is inspired by the ideas of Rebeca und Mauricio Wild, Maria Montessori, A.S.Neill and the Sudbury Valley School.