our vision is...

a beautiful school of life

- that people of all ages may identify with their and their children’s schooling.

- that pupils may become aware of their real needs and desires as well as their own interests and talents and so be enabled to freely develop their potential.

- that pupils develop naturally in relaxed, respectful and stimulating surroundings: A school for life!


Life is now, not tomorrow. Pupils are not future adults who need to learn for later. Rather, they are people in need of and with a right to a fulfilling childhood and youth.


Our school plays a central role in providing pupils with a place where respect, individuality and freedom to grow enjoy highest priority.

We believe people learn most effectively when they learn that which really interests them. Therefore, pupils are allowed and encouraged to decide what and how they learn. 

“In them we trust.” To paraphrase a famous quote.

Pupils participate in deciding on all issues relating to school life and are therefore able to do what they really desire and fulfil their real potential.


At a suitable pace, pupils discover both the necessary freedom and limits for self-determined learning and are motivated by inquisitiveness and teamwork to explore how learning can benefit them as well as how democracy can work.

At Kapriole pupils can develop responsibility, teamwork, a desire for learning and respect for one’s environment and society.

To show pupils respect and esteem is of central concern to us. We desire to nurture self-esteeming, well-balanced and compassionate young people who, in their turn, can healthily shoulder the pressures, expectations and demands of our society.


The more they shall have freely developed their personalities; all the more shall they be up to this challenge.