Kapriole's Building Project

The Independent Democratic School Kapriole has become considerably bigger in the last 20 years. In need of classrooms and sufficient space, parents, pupils and teachers have put a lot of work and love into the old school building. However we cannot stop time and our school has become run down and appears ramshackle. A fundamental renewal is the only way to keep Kapriole going!

We are very happy that after years of searching for a new site we now have the chance to buy additional sections of our current building!


However, because we are not a state school, we receive lower state funding, which are insufficient for our plans to renovate our primary school, build a new secondary school as well as an assembly hall for our meetings. Due to the dearth of the school’s own capital, bank loans are only possible up to a certain amount. Therefore, we depend on further financial support.


And this is the plan:

Renovate the primary school and build a new secondary school starting 2017

·    Functional wood construction with the possibility to create and recreate according to our own ideas and needs.

·    Ecological and low energy.

·    A room concept that pupils and teachers worked out together in a democratic process.

·    Primary and secondary in one building - more exchange between pupils of all ages.

·    Realization with the architects from office Weissenrieder who have much experience in school building construction.


How you can support us

Besides gladly accepting donations of any amount we are looking for people who will grant us a loan of 500,- € or more. We will ensure you will be making a sustainable and fair investment. We will pay interest up to 1.5%. You can watch your money build our school – here in Freiburg or on our homepage!


These direct loans – with no bank involved – are legal in Germany only as subordinate loans. In the eventuality of financial difficulties, we would have to pay bank loans back first.

For detailed information as well as for loan contracts with individual terms and interest rates, please contact the Kapriole office.